Monday, January 12, 2009

Why do I not want to do anything today- I would like to sit on the couch and watch TV. We are supposed to put our house back on the market this week and so I better get to moving! we are heading to crandall tomorrow and Landon and I will stay throught the weekend. Hopefully I can help with MeMe, then work this wknd, then host BUNCO on Saturday. I also know my mom is starting weight watchers and maybe I should think about starting that back. mheh?

Friday, January 9, 2009

What a blog??

So I am a blogger? First post- Just some happenings since Sunday
Landon just turned one on Sunday- We had him dedicated at church and then had a "monkey" party Sunday afternoon. So fun!
Landon went home with Nana and Paw Paw after the party, even though I wasn't going to NC they wanted him to visit. Ang and Tim left for NC early Monday morning and it was a hard goodbye but they seem so happy!
Monday I took MeMe to do some errands and we ate lunch at Long John silvers-one of her favs!
Then Lori and I had some much needed Girl's Day Out We saw "yes, man" (don't waste your money) just eat some pop corn at home!
Josh and his buddies had gone to Shreveport for a few days and when they got home in Crandall. We headed to Granbury-BTW we are putting our house back on the market next week so please say a prayer-
On the way home Katie called and said Landon was running fever-Fabulous! So i went and picked him up and he ran fever all day and night Wednesday I thought it was his teeth. Thursday we had a dr. appt anyways so i thought we could stick it out. Thursday morn I got a call from my mom saying MeMe was on the way to the hospital-she had fallen and gashed her head on the kitchen cabinet(By the grace of God she is home and better)
So we headed to the dr. and of course Landon has the Flu!!! Fabulous! Of course I decided not to work this weekend because we are supposed to head to Round Rock on Saturday night for a mattress convention?????. We shall see since we are flu infested. till next time.....
I hope I can keep these up since the only reason I started was so that I can comment on ang and Tims blog!